It’s Time For  Unreal  Entertainment


During this busy season, you have to sort through a million and one tasks. We get that too - and the last thing we want is to add to your to-do list. That’s why we’ve honed our process to be smooth and efficient. From our first meeting to the last song that plays at your reception, you’ll leave with memories of a spectacular wedding day.

We get that.

You want your wedding day to be flawless.

Producing an extraordinary event isn’t a one-person job. We play (and work) incredibly well with other vendors - and luckily, they have nothing but excellent things to say about us. Learn more here about why this guarantees a seamless experience for you.

We Have Awesome Vendor Relationships

We put a strong emphasis on communication and class. We’re master entertainers with the ability to tastefully orchestrate your event - no dad jokes, cringey introductions, or cheesy special effects in sight. 

We’re Skilled Emcees

We take the time to understand what makes you unique. What song makes you smile? What do you listen to while you’re in the car or cooking dinner? What’s your go-to Spotify playlist? We’ll combine our years of experience with your particular taste and style to fashion a custom-tailored soundtrack like no other.

We’ll Get To Know You

Here’s how we’ll make it happen:


At Uptown, we put your priorities before anything else. Once you’ve contacted us, one of our team members will reach out and provide you with specific package and pricing information. Next, we’ll set up a call to gather more details. Our main goal is to get to know you, your vision, and your desires. After booking, you’ll be given access to our all-inclusive online planning form where you can further specify your preferences with us. We will check in periodically to see if there’s anything you need.

Take a closer look at our online planning tools.

Establish a vision

Step Three
Step Two
Step One

When your wedding is about a month out, we will schedule a time to meet with you and your wedding planner to discuss all the details of your day. During this time, we’ll gather as much information as possible so that we can provide you with an exceptional experience. On our agenda: talking through everything from the flow of events to your personalized soundtrack and name pronunciation. 

The Details

Step Three
Step Two
Step One

Your wedding day is finally here! We will triple check all of your event details to ensure everything flows smoothly. As the day unfolds, your MC will let your attendees know when, where, and how things are happening to ensure easy transitions and an inclusive guest experience. Once we kick off your wedding reception, it’s time for the party to begin!

Discover more about the flow of events here.  

The Experience

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start over

The Process

Looking to make your wedding day completely unforgettable…and maybe do something a little over the top? From live mixing to dance floor lighting and way beyond, we’ve got you covered.

What’s on your wishlist? 


+ Lead MC / DJ Assistant / Light Designer 
+ 4 Hours of Performance 
+ Online Planning Tool

+ DJ/Sax/Drummer
+ Luxe DJ Booth
+ Wireless Uplighting 
+ Premium INTELLIGENT Dance Floor Lighting

Live Fusion includes:

Live Fusion


+ 4 Hours of Performance 
+ Online Planning Tool
+ Indoor Spark Fountains
+ LED Dance Floor Glow Disco Sticks
+ Cryo Cannon

+ Luxe DJ Booth
+ Wireless Uplighting 
+ Premium INTELLIGENT Dance Floor Lighting
+ Premium Sound

The Luxe Plus package includes: 

The Luxe Plus


+ Lead MC / DJ Assistant / Light Designer 
+ 4 Hours of Performance 
+ Online Planning Tool

+ Luxe DJ Booth
+ Wireless Uplighting 
+ Premium INTELLIGENT Dance Floor Lighting
+ Premium Sound

The Luxe package includes: 

The Signature Luxe


*Overtime is available for all packages. Our overtime rate is $300/hour. If you want to reserve a certain DJ, it is a flat rate of $500. Travel fees assessed for events outside of Greenville, Spartanburg, or Anderson.

+ 4 Hours of Performance
+ Online Planning Tool

+ DJ Booth
+ Premium Sound

The Essentials package includes: 

The Essentials

the luxe photobooth

As our most popular package, the Luxe is perfect for couples desiring to step up their game with breathtaking production techniques. A central part of each Luxe package is the custom-made DJ booth. 


We do luxe your way.

Looking to add a little magic or mystery to your day? This effect will have you feeling like you just walked into a fairytale. 


Cloud nine

Light up the night with our custom monograms.


Monogram Lighting

It’s time to turn up the level of fun! Our highly requested CO2 Cannons will leave your family and friends raving about your wedding for years to come.


Cryo Cannon

Dreaming of a winter wonderland? No problem. We’ll make your first dance or grand exit filled with wonder. 

Let It Snow

Let it Snow

Ready to add some serious flair to your wedding? These 10-12 foot indoor attractions will transform any venue into a breathtaking scene. 


Indoor Spark Fountains
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We orchestrate every production element to create a cohesive experience particular to your vision and aesthetic.

Our Enhancements

We offer a variety of photobooth options perfect for your event! 

photo booth

Not Your Average photo booth

our enhancements

- Katherine N.

“Not a big fan of leaving reviews unless it was out of this world amazing OR if it is absolutely terrible service. In this case, I don't think 5 stars is enough. If you are thinking about getting the giant mirror photo booth for your wedding... stop thinking and do it! ... On top of how fun it is... the service was 10/10! We thought the person was just going to drop off the mirror and people would figure it out. Wrong. Eric was dressed to perfection, and was incredible! He was as much of a hit as the mirror was.”


I don't think 5 stars is           .

I don't think 5 stars is              .

- Juliane W. 

“They met with us prior to the wedding to discuss what kind of music we like. We didn’t provide them a list of songs we wanted specifically, but the music they played matched us perfectly. The guys had the guests dancing and having fun. We added the mirror photo booth last minute and it was a perfect addition. I didn’t know until after the wedding that they were printing pictures for guests to put into an album for us to take home.

The care that the team put into our day made our wedding perfect. I’d recommend them to anyone getting married!”

perfect day

Uptown Entertainment went above and beyond for us to have our                    .

When you book us for your wedding day, you can rest assured that:

The Lowdown on Uptown

Most DJs are known for their ability to mix beats and put together playlists. We strive to be remembered as couple-focused DJs with fantastic musical abilities. The needs and desires of our clients are the foundation of our entire wedding day game plan.  


We'll listen

From decor to the dance floor, a piece of you is reflected in every part of your day - and your entertainment shouldn’t be any different. Our team will work tirelessly to customize your occasion and leave you free to focus on what’s most important.

to           rhythm

we'll dance
to your rhythm

We believe terms like “luxe,” “classy,” and “flawless” apply to entertainment just as much as they apply to your wedding venue, menu, or aesthetic. As your DJ, we promise to establish a vibe that’s perfectly suited to your event…without uncomfortable gimmicks or cheesy one-liners.

in style.

we'll party in style

We’ll employ our expertise, resources, and charisma to produce an occasion your friends and family will remember for years to come. Promise.

an                        event

We'll orchestrate
an unbelievable event

Vision distillers. Vibe setters. Atmosphere creators. Dance floor fillers. Vision distillers. Vibe setters. Atmosphere creators. Dance floor fillers. Vision distillers. Vibe setters. Atmosphere creators. Dance floor fillers. |

If you wish to pay by check, please make payable to Uptown Entertainment and mail to 1200 Woodruff Road, Suite A-18, Greenville, SC 29607.

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